Monday, June 5, 2023

Top 6 Innovations To Improve Your Daily Life

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Find lost items out of Bluetooth range

Bluetooth-enabled item locators are small tag-like products that you fix to your belongings. When you are unable to find something, you can make the tag/locator beep or ring, follow the sound and find the item. It helps to find even a phone in silent mode. TrackR Bravo is one such item locator, but what makes it better than the rest of the breed are features like Crowd Locate.

Crowd Locate helps you find your belongings even when these are out of your Bluetooth range. If your umbrella is buried under the cushions, you can find it using any normal Bluetooth locator, but what if you left it at a clinic? Whenever you miss an item, the TrackR app records its last known location on a map. When another TrackR app user comes within Bluetooth range of your lost item, its location is automatically updated in your app. This makes it easier to find objects lost elsewhere, too. Crowd Locate basically harnesses the power of numbers, as TrackR has sold millions of its devices across nations.

The TrackR app also lets you setup custom ‘separation alerts’ when you are about to forget and leave behind important items like your keys or phone. Likewise, when you are searching for an object, the distance indicator helps by showing whether you are getting nearer the object or moving in the wrong direction. Alexa Integration enables you to just shout out your search instruction when in a rush, and TrackR will find it for you! You can also customise your TrackR Bravo by printing a photo on it or engraving your number so that people can contact you if they find it.

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Product: TrackR Bravo; Company: TrackR; Country: USA; Website

TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized device that lets you find your things even when these are out of Bluetooth range

Improve your posture without belts and braces

The right posture helps you maintain a healthy body. There are many physical and technological aids to correct posture but many of them like belts and braces are bulky and conspicuous. Lumo Lift is a tiny smart sensor that you must fit on your dress right below your collarbone using a magnetic clasp provided with the device. Thereafter, get into your best posture and press Lumo Lift once—you have now set your goal or target posture. Now every time you slouch or get into a bad posture, Lumo Lift will prod you with gentle, vibrational reminders to correct your posture. It is just like a trusted friend who keeps reminding you of your commitment to posture improvement. Lumo Lift also doubles up as an activity tracker that keeps count of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned.
Lumo Lift works with a companion app that runs on iOS, Android as well as Windows. The app helps you set up the device, track your posture and activities, and shares suggestions for improvement—in short, it becomes your posture and activity coach. The sensor connects to your phone using Bluetooth. It is battery-powered and can run for a day or two on a single charge.

Sold for US$ 80 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the product is useful for a wide range of professionals.

Product: Lumo Lift; Company: Lumo BodyTech; Country: USA; Website

Lumo Lift smart sensor prods you to correct your posture

Sterilise your stuff within seconds

Many a time we catch infections despite maintaining good hygiene. Of what use would washing our hands be when most of the things around us are infected with bacteria? Somebody sneezes and uses the keyboard, a friend with a skin infection borrows the phone, or somebody with an infection sits on our chair. These are unavoidable and out of our control, which makes us wish for a way within our means to discreetly disinfect our possessions before using these ourselves.

UVC LEDs have a 200-280nm wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. This portion of the ultraviolet spectrum helps in disinfection of the air and water. UVC LED blocks proliferation of bacteria by destroying the DNA in them. Cleanty has used this property of UVC LEDs to make a handy and portable personal steriliser that weighs just 29gm. To disinfect an item (be it a laptop, a phone, a keyboard, shoe or anything else), you just need to sweep it with Cleanty. It takes only 10 seconds to destroy 90-99 per cent of bacteria in the region covered. Cleanty effectively cleans up bacteria like Colon Bacillus, Staphylococcus and Salmonella. You can also drop Cleanty into a closed container, say, a laptop bag, and set the timer. Cleanty will automatically switch off after sterilising the interior region for the preferred time.

Cleanty uses LG Innotek LEDs, which can apparently be used more than 10,000 times. The device can be charged using a USB cable, and a single charge guarantees about a month of daily normal use.



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