Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Let Your Dog Wear Wagr

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Wagr, an intelligent sensor based dog wearable, takes more than a peek into what your pet dog is doing and extracts data day in and day out, giving meaningful insights and solutions to us—the dog-parent. This innovation becomes that someone who looks over your pet while you are far away, or possibly right next-door, through the IoT.

Young tech enthusiasts, Advaith Mohan, Ajith Kochery and Siddharth Darbha, have taken the IoT to an innovative new direction—a wearable designed specifically for dogs. This innovation came into being thanks to Jambi, a lovable puppy who they adopted.

With the emotional drive to take better care of Jambi, Advaith Mohan and team co-founded Wagr, and sat down to design a cloth based strap-on, comfortable enough for the dog’s neck. The challenge for the team was to blend all of this into a sensor based wearable with a small form factor for a battery that would last for seven days with one charge, while adopting the latest in Cloud based analytics and contextual intelligence.

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What it does – Wagr

wagr - product image
Fig. 1: Product image

Wagr could be the modern-day dog whisperer. On the ground, many dog parents still have no idea about their pet’s health and habits. As an interpreter, Wagr is equipped with sensors to capture data and send it across to the analytics engine via the Internet. Data is accumulated through close observation of movements and positions of the dog. Equipped with context awareness on analytics and Cloud, sensors to capture data in real time, this tiny wearable lets you know about your dog’s lifestyle.

wagr software screen for services
Fig. 2: Software screen for services

For example, if you find your dog active and moving around, it could be termed healthy. Whereas, if the dog is resting all the time or not showing activity, while historically he used to, the system shows an odd-behaviour pop-up message on your smartphone screen.

You can scroll down for suggestions to help the dog recover from such unusual habits, treatment and healthcare such as timely vaccinations. The platform also provides recommendations, personalised advice and popular word-of-mouth suggestions that are shared by others in the community out of their own experiences. There is a place to note down important things in the application, too, and set reminders for the same.

The connectivity

location tracking using wagr
Fig. 3: Software screen for location tracking of safe zones

Wagr keeps you informed about your dog’s activities like walking, sleeping and playing. It has a powerful battery for uninterrupted connectivity. The flip side to this is that, connectivity consumes most of the battery power.

To counter this, a priority based setting in the order of increasing power consumption, Bluetooth followed by Wi-Fi, followed by GSM and control factors have been embedded. The wearable intelligently switches to Bluetooth in close proximity, to Wi-Fi if away from Bluetooth range and to GSM when away from a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can thus stay connected even over very long distances.


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