Thursday, June 13, 2024’s ChefGPT Is Here To Up Your Culinary Skills

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The allure of Korean Bibimbaps featured on Netflix’s K-Dramas and Instagram food reels has inspired many to revolutionise their kitchens in pursuit of restaurant-quality home-cooked meals. After spending hours scrolling for the perfect recipe and ensuring the ingredients are in the correct proportion, the reality of a sink full of dishes often dampens these ambitious plans.

IIT Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma, have developed a solution to alleviate these woes with’s Cooking Assistant, which merges technology with the culinary arts, enhancing the cooking experience through artificial intelligence. Designed, marketed, and sold by the startup for ₹29,999, specifically for Indian kitchens, the Smart Cooking Jar features IP54 water and masala resistance, safety sensors, and automatic heat cutoff mechanisms for functions like automated cutting, chopping, stirring, and cooking.

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The smart jar can perform almost 16 cooking functions with a single blade, equipped with a thermal sensor and a heating element. Mody explains, “We have a single blade with slightly different contours for various cuts. The control over the blade allows it to perform multiple types of cuts without the need to switch blades for different tasks. The thermal sensor is a crucial part of our patented method for accurately predicting sauce thickness and cooking progress. We also harness data from blade force and machine vibrations during cutting and cooking to optimise results. Our LLM rapidly provides cooking recommendations, enabling swift decision-making in the kitchen.”


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Yashasvini Razdan
Yashasvini Razdan
Yashasvini Razdan is a journalist at EFY. She has the rare ability to write both on tech and business aspects of electronics, thanks to an insatiable thirst to know all about technology. Driven by curiosity, she collects hard facts and wields the power of her pen to simplify and disseminate information.

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