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Common Types Of Motors And Batteries Used In Two-Wheeler Electric Vehicles (EVs) In India

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Like any other vehicle, EVs have different specifications and features depending on the models and variants. Actual specifications of a particular model can be obtained from the manufacturer’s or authorised dealer’s website. For example, Avon e-bike, a two-wheeler electric bicycle, is powered by a 137W brushless DC electric motor and three 12V (3x12V=36V), 12Ah rechargeable lead acid batteries. The batteries can be charged via 220V AC, which takes four to eight hours to fully charge them. With a fully-charged battery, this e-bike can run at a maximum speed of 20-23kmph. Details of some EVs taken from the dealer’s website are listed in the table.

Bajaj Chetak e-scooter from Bajaj Auto uses an electric motor rated at 4kW of peak power, 3.8kW of continuous power and 16Nm of torque. It has two operational modes, namely, Eco and Sport. In Eco mode, Chetak has a claimed maximum range of over 95km, while in Sport mode, its range is limited to over 85km on a single charge. According to the dealer’s website, battery life is about 70,000km and it can be charged up to hundred per cent in five hours.

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RV300 e-bike from Revolt Motors is currently available for sale in Pune and Delhi only. It uses lithium-ion battery and 1.5kW hub DC motor. The bike comes with a claimed range of 80km to 180km on a full charge.



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