Saturday, June 22, 2024

Holograms For Driver Navigation

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Once photography was considered to be the best means of recording visual information, but with development of holography, the perception about 2D images changed. Holography is a technique that creates a 3D photograph known as a hologram. A hologram has three dimensions: height, width and depth, whereas a photograph shows only height and width.
Holography records the image of a 3D object on a film so that upon reconstruction, or playback, the constructed image of the object is 3D. It enables the viewer to see the front and sides of an object visible in the hologram by moving from side to side.

Holograms are made by bouncing laser light off a photographic film. When the wave of light hits an object, it takes the shape of the object. It is similar to imprinting a shape on a piece of modelling clay by pressing it against that object. The photographic film is like the film used in a conventional camera but can capture even the tiniest details. It can capture images by recording where laser light hits it and create a hologram.

One cannot do anything when exhausted from tedious driving. This driving may cause accidents and/or violation(s) of traffic regulations. To prevent those situations, Holo navigation has been designed for smartphones and cars with a touch system. It can effectively be used during both day and night.

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“This product completes the fusion and convergence of mobile and automobiles through motion sensors and hologram technology. We plan to upgrade navigation 2.0 that has motion sensors to navigation 3.0 that features wireless charging. With this technology, future driving will be safe, fun and convenient,” says Park Icy Hyun, chief executive officer, Main Information System Co. Ltd.

Hologram navigation can solve the coherence of sunlight, realise three colours and reduce eye fatigue by using HUD grade holograms. Since the navigation program screen included in the mobile device is projected onto the final product through hologram technology, the final price also decreases.

To actively reflect the cognition of the driver in the emergency/dangerous zone, it is important to harmonise the motions of the driver with the automobile. The driver can get involved more actively when driving and stability can be increased through constructing fused and converged devices using motion technology. Motion sensor technology lets the driver, automobile and external cars communicate with each other at the same time.

Holograms for children’s content play devices are also available as a patented technology for mobile convergence solutions. Holographic displays used for advertising is another important application of this technology, which can be seen commonly.

Fusion of various technologies and diverse solutions based on transparent OLEDs, 4D holograms and 5G communications are responsible for rapid changes in display technology in automobiles. Connected car products are appearing on vehicles as vehicle software platforms. To cope with rapid changes in the automobile industry one needs to move from hardware (manual) to software (automated) platforms.



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