Sunday, July 21, 2024

Adding Tactile Awareness to Humanoids

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RoboSkin line from BeBop Sensors is a skin-like covering that adds tactile awareness to humanoid robots. Furthermore, it can be fitted into the prosthetics thus providing higher sensitivity and spatial resolution to the wearer. The sensor comes in a small package which is less than 1mm thick, making it the first available solution suitable for use in all robotic body parts, including fingers, limbs, head, torso, feet, etc. The Roboskin uses web-based, real-time data visualisation and has multiple data visualisation modes that include live data charts and 3D renders.

According to the company, RoboSkin is the only technology that fits all robotic body parts: limbs, fingers, feet, head, and torso, to make robots “feel” better. It is like a true nervous system for robots at less than 1mm thick. The company also claims that the sensitivity and spatial resolution of the product exceed human sensing capabilities and the fabric-based sensor skin can be shaped to any surface allowing quick tailoring to fit any robot.

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Many countries are facing problems with an increase in the median age of the population, such as Japan which is having the oldest population with 30% over 65 leading to a shrinking workforce as a large number of people who have either retired or are on the verge of retiring the workforce, there’s a great need for Human-like robots to replace the ageing population in the workplace, hospitals, and homes; with roles in healthcare, as domestic help, in manufacturing, distribution, biohazards, and even in entertainment and companionship roles. A human shape ensures a robot should be able to perform any human task, fit through any door and use every human tool.

“I have been working with roboticists refining our RoboSkin for 10 years. We are pleased we can make this important contribution to the worldwide effort to bring humanoid robots into our lives to help people live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.” Says Keith McMillen, Founder of BeBop Sensors.

RoboSkin is available immediately and can be employed in a variety of applications which includes robotics and prosthetics, including biohazard, digital health, IoT, VR/AR, automotive, law enforcement, testing, and more.


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