Friday, June 14, 2024

Advanced Multi-Camera Solutions for the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Kit

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e-con Systems has released a multi-camera solution that can enhance the capabilities of Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Kit, which is a heterogeneous computing platform that integrates advanced connectivity and high-accuracy AI technology. The e-con module enables the integration of up to 6 cameras to the RB5 kit. The multi-camera systems are commonly used in various applications, including surveillance systems, video production, computer vision, robotics, and virtual reality. They enable the capture of different perspectives, angles, or views simultaneously, providing a more comprehensive and detailed visual representation of a scene. The e-con multi-camera solutions are designed for drones, delivery robots and autonomous shopping systems applications. The multi-camera solution will enable product developers to completely utilise the capability of Qualcomm’s robotics kit and take their vision to the next level with rapid prototyping.

A multi-camera interface allows for the simultaneous utilization of multiple cameras, enabling enhanced imaging capabilities and opening up possibilities for advanced computer vision applications and immersive visual experiences. The company claims that this solution allows connecting up to 6 cameras (MIPI or GMSL2 or a combination of both) simultaneously. According to the company, e-con Systems’ camera solution, can help RB5 development kit to utilize the full compute power of 15 TOPS. Furthermore, it uses e-con Systems’ solid ISP expertise for fine-tuning the Qualcomm ISP for AE, AWB, HDR, colour reproduction, etc.
“Qualcomm QRB5165 processor with impressive 15 TOPS of compute power and low power consumption has opened new horizons for robotics applications. These applications demand advanced camera solutions to leverage the full potential of this RB5 Robotics kit. Recognizing this need, e-con Systems has taken the initiative to develop an innovative solution that bridges the gap and empowers the RB5 kit with robust multi-camera capabilities. Leveraging the partnership with Qualcomm, we’re confident in providing camera solutions with wide compatibility and flexibility to match our customers’ diverse needs.”, said Gomathi Sankar, Head- Industrial at e-con Systems.

Highlights of e-Con’s Multi-Camera System:
• Multi-camera Support – Connect up to 6 cameras, either MIPI or GMSL2 or a combination of both, to enable imaging from multiple angles/perspectives.
• Camera Portfolio Compatibility – Ensure compatibility with different resolutions, shutter types, chroma, HDR and NIR.
• Full Product Development – Get a complete solution in the form of full product development, thereby simplifying the lifecycle.
• Qualcomm ISP Tuning – Use e-con Systems’ solid ISP expertise for fine-tuning the Qualcomm ISP for AE, AWB, HDR, color reproduction, etc.


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