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Analog Arts Press Release: 8-in-1 Low Cost High Performance Test Instrument

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SF880 8-in-1 oscilloscope frequency response analyzer InfographicProduct Description: Analog Arts introduces the SF880 PC-based 8-in-1 test instrument. The instrument includes a 100 dB dynamic range frequency response analyzer, a 1 GHz oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a data logger, a frequency and phase meter, a logic analyzer, and a pattern generator. The 3×5 inch pocket size unit works with any Windows computer with a USB port, with no need for an external power supply. The SF880 has been developed for value minded users who need high end test equipment. Each instrument offers a set of impressive specifications and has been designed to be intuitive and easy to work with. The family has a price range of $640 to $920. The free demo application software allows the user to become familiar with the operation of each instrument.

For more information, please visit , contact us at: [email protected], or contact us at (781) 246-3800.

Key specifications
Frequency response Analyzer Dynamic Range: 100 dB
Oscilloscope Bandwidth (@ 500mV, 1X probe): 1 GHz
AWG Output Frequency (Sine Wave): 150 MHz
Spectrum Analyzer RBW: Less than 1 Hz
Data Recorder Time-base range: 500 nS to 365 days
Frequency and Phase Meter range: 10 Hz to 1 GHz
Logic Analyzer: Protocol Analyzer and Data Wizard
Pattern Generator Memory: 16 X 512k
Product Specification (data sheet): SF880, SF830, SF650, SF610 Specifications
Digital images: 3 images included
Price and delivery information: $640 – $920 each, off the shelf

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