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ARM and UMC Develop Physical IP Platforms Together

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ARM and UMC, yesterday announced a new strategic partnership to develop multiple physical IP platforms. This ARM UMC partnership enables UMC customers to easily implement ARM Artisan physical IP into SoC designs, and hence reduce time-to-market. The announcement came just prior to NFV world congress, to be held in San Jose California, from 19 April 2016 – 22 April 2016. It is the centre for the new NFV+SDN industry, bringing an undivided market focus to NFV+SDN Carrier Evolution in Silicon Valley.

According to reports, the agreement spans applications in automotive, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile, from a 55ULP platform for IoT applications to a 14nm FinFET test chip for leading-edge mobile applications. With 9.8 billion chips based on Artisan foundation physical IP shipping in 2015, this step would further enhances ARM’s position as a provider of logic and memory IP to the semiconductor industry.

“Design complexity is increasing as the connected world places greater demand on the mobile, IoT and embedded markets,” said Will Abbey, general manager, physical design group, ARM. “UMC’s selection of ARM as its foremost physical IP provider gives our mutual silicon partners a robust set of tools and platforms to deliver optimized SoC implementations and accelerate time-to-market.”

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“With an unmatched range of advanced and specialty technologies, UMC is well positioned to meet the needs of our customers across broad applications,” said SC Chien, senior vice president and head of IP Development and Design Support division at UMC. “The extension of our partnership with ARM, will enable us to continue to offer comprehensive design platforms that improve integration and drive further performance and power benefits as new opportunities emerge for our customers.”

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