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Artesyn Announces New Platinum Efficiency 2000 W Front End Power Supply for Server and Storage Applications

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HONG KONG [26 September, 2016] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced the new DS2000SPE ac-dc power supply, the latest addition to a product family designed with a consistent and scalable form/fit/function beginning at 495 W up to 2000 W continuous at DS2000SPE-3-ang2-1000.HEROhigh line. This means that customers can keep their mechanical designs when moving from 495 W up to 2000 W. As with other family variants, this front end 12 Vdc power supply features a very wide 90 to 264 Vac input voltage range and combines ultra-high 80plus platinum rated efficiency of 94 percent peak at 50 percent load and an industry-leading power density of 50.7 W per cubic inch (3.1 W per cubic cm).

The DS2000SPE series employs active power factor correction delivering a high power factor of 0.9 beginning at 20 percent load to minimize input harmonic current distortion.

d9bd89fdThese power supplies feature active ac inrush control, to automatically limit inrush current at turn-on to 50 A maximum and the active current sharing feature enables these power supplies to be connected in parallel to provide higher load current or redundancy.

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The power supply’s nominal +12 Vdc payload output is digitally programmable and is PMBus communications compliant with Class A + 6 dB margin conducted/radiated EMI and RoHS certification.

Other units in the family, following the same form/fit/function are available with -48 Vdc input, including the DS500SDC and DS1100SDC.

The DS2000SPE is environmentally rugged with an operating temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius and a maximum operational altitude of 5000 meters. Units are housed in a standard 1U package and come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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