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Bluetooth Based Audio Broadcasting Technology

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Auracast is a Bluetooth-based audio broadcasting technology that will enable you to fully enjoy televisions in public spaces.
Auracast can enable hard-of-hearing individuals to hear better.

Auracast is a Bluetooth-based audio broadcasting technology. Auracast enables a Bluetooth transmitter to broadcast to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio receivers, including speakers, earphones and other hearing devices.

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Auracast can also enhance the assistive listening technology enabling hard-of-hearing individuals to hear better in venues where hearing aids and cochlear implants are insufficient to function. While current assistive listening system (ALS) technologies, such as inductive loops, have been providing great benefit to people with hearing loss, they suffer from a number of challenges that have limited their deployment, including poor quality, high cost, and lack of privacy

The Auracast is a low-cost technology that is easier to deploy while offering higher audio quality and greater privacy. The technology can also enable the use of silent television in public venues like airports, gymnasiums, restaurants, etc., and will be able to broadcast audio that any visitor with Auracast-enabled Bluetooth earbuds or hearing aids will be able to hear.

“Auracast broadcast audio is set to transform the way the world engages with wireless audio, enabling innovative new user experiences while delivering the next generation of assistive listening technology across a wide range of public venues. ABI Research expects the wireless and assistive listening industries to rapidly embrace LE Audio and Auracast technology, enabling more and more people to share their audio experiences with others, tune in to public broadcasts, and provide the hearing impaired with an easy-to-use, standardized, interoperable, and consistent assistive listening experience.” Says Andrew Zignani, Research Director at ABI Research.

Auracast broadcast audio will enable all types of public locations including large venues such as airports and conference centres to smaller venues such as gymnasiums, cinemas, etc to deliver high-quality audio experiences.


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