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CNS653-ME & LCM1500-Q Achieves 80 PLUS Efficiency Ratings for 115 Volt Industrial Power Supplies

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HONG KONG [17 July, 2017] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced that its CNS653-ME and LCM1500-Q AC-DC power supplies have received 80 PLUS certifications for 115 volt industrial units from Ecova, the total energy and sustainability management company. The 80 PLUS certification requires industrial power supplies to be 80 percent energy efficient or greater, which helps customers optimize power usage and reduce operational and energy costs. The certification recognizes the premium efficiency rating of these power supplies and gives customers confidence in the performance of these units.

According to Ecova, industrial power supplies typically operate at only 26 percent of their rated power, so these Artesyn units offer significant benefits to manufacturers of a wide range of industrial equipment, including medical and instrumentation, industrial and building controls and automation, and test and measurement applications.

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• The LCM1500Q achieved 87 percent efficiency at 100 percent load and 89 percent at 50 percent load, earning a Silver 80 PLUS rating.

• The CNS653-ME achieved 90 percent efficiency at 100 percent load and 92 percent at 50 percent load, earning a Platinum 80 PLUS rating.

Artesyn was the first company to receive 80 PLUS certification for 115 V industrial power supplies, having achieved the Silver level certification for its, ADN20-24-1PM-C DIN rail unit, which is used for large-scale industrial applications, such as semiconductor fabrication and conveyer systems.


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