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Compact LCOS Panel For AR And VR

Compact LCOS Panel For AR And VR

The LCOS panel offers compact, low-power functionality with high-resolution displays for augmented, extended, and mixed-reality glasses and head-mounted devices.

OmniVision, a global semiconductor solutions developer, has introduced the OP03050, a compact and low-power Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) panel. The single-chip solution integrates the LCOS array, driving circuit, frame buffer, and interface. The panel delivers high-resolution visuals, enhancing real-time video conferencing and streaming experiences, particularly in augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and mixed reality (MR) glasses and head-mounted displays.

Smart eyewear is gaining popularity as a fashionable, compact, lightweight accessory. The LCOS’s high pixel pitch results in improved image quality and a more immersive viewing experience, making it appealing for consumer and business applications in the medical, engineering, and aerospace sectors.

Key specifications of the LCOS panel include :

  • 3.0-micron pixel pitch
  • Display resolution of 1560×1200 at 120 Hz with low latency
  • 0.23-inch optical format
  • Support for a 4-channel MIPI-DSI interface.

The LCOS technology offers a compact microdisplay with low power consumption and high-speed performance, all in a single-chip solution. The company claims to integrate drivers and frame buffers into a single-chip LCOS panel, enabling a compact system design with low power consumption. The product offers high resolution and a high frame rate and supports up to 6 colour fields, ensuring clear and stable images without image retention.

OmniVision introduces a digital single-chip LCOS panel, integrating driver functions and frame buffers into one chip. The LCOS panels offer high-resolution displays, high frame rates, and support for up to 6 colour fields, ensuring sharp, clear, and stable images with no retention. They enhance the visual experience in AR glasses, VR headsets, and other applications.

The single-chip LCOS panel combines a full digital display with integrated driver functions and frame buffers, streamlining system design and enabling a compact form factor. This all-in-one LCOS significantly reduces power consumption by 40% compared to two-chip solutions. The LCOS products stand out with their high resolution and frame rate, supporting up to 6 colour fields to provide crisp, clear, and stable images without any image retention.