Thursday, July 18, 2024

Compact Weather IoT Sensor for Enhanced Safety and Productivity

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Soratena Pro is a high-performance weather IoT sensor that can detect seven different elements including air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall amount, wind direction, wind velocity, and illuminance.

OMRON and Weathernews have jointly developed a compact and high-performance weather IoT sensor called “Soratena Pro.” This sensor is capable of observing seven different elements every minute, including air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall amount, wind direction, wind velocity, and illuminance. The sensor opens a pathway for new safety solutions. It finds applications in various industries, including agriculture, construction, drones, logistics, sports, electric power, food retail, and apparel. By leveraging the observation data provided by Soratena Pro, businesses can enhance their safety measures, improve productivity, and make informed decisions. For example, the sensor can aid in preventing fires caused by campers’ bonfires at campsites or in preventing heat strokes for students during physical education classes.

According to the company, the high-performance weather IoT sensor, Soratena Pro, serves as a valuable tool for visualizing on-site weather conditions and quickly communicating weather changes through the application. By utilizing Soratena Pro, companies can improve safety measures and enhance productivity in their operations. For example, in agriculture, it can help detect if vegetables have fallen or if vinyl has been blown away during strong winds. In construction, it aids in assessing the feasibility of construction works under different weather conditions, such as high-altitude work or concrete placement during rainfall. The sensor can also contribute to the realization of drone logistics, where flight locations change dynamically. In the food retail industry, understanding the weather outside the store allows for appropriate staffing and demand forecasting.

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The observation data from Soratena Pro can be seamlessly integrated into businesses through the Weathernews application, which is known for its high weather forecast accuracy. The application provides real-time access to the observation data, allowing users to view and analyze various weather parameters in graphs. Paid contents, such as raincloud radar and notification functions, are available without advertisements. The application offers features like multiple typhoon track forecasts, blackout risk predictions, and heavy snow pinpoint forecasts, which are valuable for disaster prevention. The PC version of the application provides additional capabilities for data analysis, including real-time video footage and the ability to download observation data in CSV format. This is particularly useful for analyzing historical data against damage situations or displaying data on office displays.

The companies claim that to further enhance the usability of Soratena Pro, Weathernews will develop a new SaaS-type solution service by integrating it with their “Weathernews” application, which has a cumulative total of 35 million downloads. This integration allows users to seamlessly access various contents, including paid features such as observation data, weather forecasts, rain cloud radar, blackout risk prediction, and more, all within the Weathernews application. Additionally, push notifications will alert users when observed air temperature, rainfall amount, or wind velocity exceeds the set threshold values, facilitating the reliable detection of potential disaster risks and enabling quick responses. The application is also available in a PC version, allowing users to download past observation data and analyze weather conditions and damages retrospectively.

The device can also find use in other applications such as in the electricity market. The IoT-based sensor can be installed at solar power plants to improve the accuracy of solar power generation forecasts. It can also assist the food retail industry in determining appropriate staffing and marketing strategies based on weather conditions. Overall, Soratena Pro, with its advanced sensing capabilities and seamless integration with the Weathernews application, contributes to the realization of a sustainable and digitally connected society while reducing disaster risks.


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