Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Secure MCUs Offer Complete IoT Lifecycle Management Solution

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Combination of PSoC 64 microcontrollers with Trusted Firmware-M helps IoT developers to design, manage and update IoT products

In order to provide a highly integrated IoT lifecycle management solution that will help IoT device makers to reduce firmware development risks and accelerate time-to-market, Infineon Technologies has announced that it has combined the PSoC  64 Secure Microcontrollers with Trusted Firmware-M embedded security, the Arm Mbed IoT OS and the Arm Pelion IoT platform to securely design, manage and update IoT products without the need for custom security firmware. 

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Implementing Trusted Firmware-M with PSoC 64 significantly simplifies device security implementation. The open-source software delivers configurable components that enable PSA Functional APIs and create a ‘Secure Processing Environment’ (SPE) for Arm Cortex-M-based microcontrollers.

Secure Device Management

The Pelion Device Management offers secured device management at every product lifecycle stage – from provisioning to decommissioning. It incorporates a dual-core architecture, with an Arm Cortex-M4 core to run applications and an Arm Cortex-M0+ core used as a security coprocessor with a pre-configured root-of-trust.

PSoC 64 is part of the IoT-AdvantEdge  solution: a comprehensive set of building blocks that enables IoT products to get to market faster and more cost-effectively. IoT-AdvantEdge simplifies the design experience by delivering unfailing connectivity combined with security and local processing in an integrated solution.

“Dozens of studies have shown that a major barrier to consumer adoption of IoT products stems from concerns over privacy and security,” said Vikram Gupta, Senior Vice President of the IoT, Compute, and Wireless business unit at Infineon. “Working with our valued partner, Arm, our IoT lifecycle management solution makes it easier for device manufacturers to connect, manage, and update their products by integrating state-of-the-art security with open-source firmware.”

“OEMs and enterprises require flexible solutions that enable them to quickly and securely develop, deploy, and manage IoT with devices built on a secure root of trust,” said Charlene Marini, Vice President and General Manager of devices, IoT Platform, Arm. “The integration of the Arm-based PSoC 64 Secure MCU, Pelion Device Management, Mbed OS, and Trusted Firmware-M validated with PSA Certified Level 1 accreditation, provides OEMs with IoT security across the value chain from the chip to the cloud.”

Through the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, the PSoC 64 secure microcontroller line is now part of Infineon’s comprehensive semiconductor portfolio for automotive, industrial and IoT markets.

The PSoC 64 Secure Boot Wi-Fi/BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-064B0S2-4343W) can now be obtained. The low-cost hardware platform enables design and debug of the PSoC 64 Secure Boot MCU and the Murata Type 1DX Module (CYW4343W Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo Chip).

The PSoC 64 root of trust makes it easier for IoT device makers to achieve PSA Certified for their end products.


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