Saturday, June 15, 2024

Configurable Power Supply For AC-DC Applications

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  • Advanced Energy’s power system can address a large range of voltages from 0.6Vdc to 1,000Vdc
  • It offers better flexibility and development time and comes with high level of intelligence, precision and stability

Advanced Energy has announced that it will be introducing its highly-flexible iHP intelligent configurable power supply across a wide range of AC-DC applications and manufacturing platforms including etch, deposition, ion implant, inspection and metrology

This power system integrates DC-DC modules into an eight-slot chassis or a four-slot chassis for supporting a wide range of applications and power system architectures that require higher-power and multiple outputs. The iHP offers a wide range of modules that address a large range of voltages from 0.6Vdc to 1,000Vdc and up to 1,600A.

High-system intelligence

Available in 12kW and 24kW configurations, iHP provides flexibility, design cycle acceleration and shortened development time. The system is designed with a high level of intelligence, precision and stability. The multi-output power system delivers comes with programmable output modules to work as either a voltage source or current source. The iHP also has configurable AC inputs that can be re-configured between single-phase or three-phase inputs and low line (208Vac) or high line (480Vac) input voltages by simply changing to a different input configuration board located on the side of the chassis.

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“The iHP configurable embedded power supply is the latest in Advanced Energy’s rich history of innovation and technology leadership in the semiconductor and industrial markets,” said Joe Voyles, vice president, business development and marketing for Advanced Energy’s Artesyn Embedded Power product group. “Our iHP configurable power supplies are designed to enable customers to solve speed, space and flexibility challenges, including short design-to-manufacture timeframes, narrow market windows and demanding cost-reduction goals.”

Peter Gillespie, vice president and general manager, semiconductor products, Advanced Energy, commented, “AE’s power products have been at the heart of semiconductor plasma processes for almost 40 years. With AE’s market-leading RF and DC solutions, semiconductor manufacturing tool customer relies on AE to ‘power the process.’ With the addition of Artesyn’s wide portfolio of embedded power products, AE now ‘powers the platform,’ too.”


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