Saturday, May 18, 2024

COSEC DOOR FMX: Premium Door Controller with Multispectral Fingerprint Reader

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COSEC DOOR FMX1Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a premium door controller with multispectral sensor technology. The sensor reads surface as well as subsurface of the finger. This makes the device suitable for adverse conditions, where a user might have dry, wet, oily, elderly hands. The sensor detects only live fingerprints, making it more secure for the organization. COSEC DOOR FMX is useful for R&D Centres where high-end security is involved. Furthermore, the device is suitable for the Manufacturing Industry, where it helps avoid false rejection rate of employees and labors, which is generally high with normal biometric controllers as they fail to read fingerprint templates that are oily, dirty, greasy, wet, etc.


• Time-Attendance and Access Control
• Reads Surface and Subsurface of a Finger
• Fast and Intuitive User Identification with Live Fingerprint Detection
• 4.2″ Touch Screen
• Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G
• 50,000 Users and 5,00,000 Events Storage
• Works with Dry, Wet, Diverse, Rugged, Dirty, Elderly Fingerprints

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