Monday, May 20, 2024

Evaluation kits certified by Microsoft to speed IoT development

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Enabling embedded developers to jump start innovative new designs for the Internet of Things (IoT) era, Texas Instruments (TI) today announced three low-cost evaluation kits based on its embedded processors supporting Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things. As one of the first semiconductor vendors with certified wireless microcontroller- (MCU) and processor-based evaluation kits ready to work with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, TI is uniquely positioned to help developers begin IoT application within minutes.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite’s agent code has been pre-ported to TI’s low-power SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 wireless MCU LaunchPad™ kit and Sitara™ AM335x processor-based BeagleBone Black and BeagleBoard Green kits. Developers can expect additional certifications of TI products in the coming months.

The Microsoft program verifies that a member’s hardware is compatible with Azure IoT Suite and enables developers who have purchased TI’s low-cost development kits to easily download the appropriate Microsoft Azure for IoT agent to quickly connect to the cloud.

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Evaluation kits verified for IoT

The three kits verified for Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT are:

We are pleased to include Texas Instruments as one of the first members of Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT to allow customers to build TI-based cloud-connected products faster and easier. Building on today’s certifications, we are committed to working closely with Texas Instruments on industrial, automotive and consumer applications certified for Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. — Barb Edson, General Manager for Data Platform and Internet of Things, Microsoft

Semiconductor innovations are at the foundation of the IoT connecting people, things and cloud. TI innovations are enabling the IoT by expanding from wired connections to wireless connectivity, driving down power to enable battery-operated connected products, increasing integration to drive down system cost, easing development by providing modules and pre-integrated internet software stacks and increasing security in silicon.

TI has the broadest portfolio of building blocks for IoT nodes and gateways spanning wired and wireless connectivity, microcontrollers, processors, sensing technology, power management and analog solutions – along with an ecosystem of cloud service providers to help our customers get connected to the cloud faster. TI is adding Microsoft Azure to its IoT Cloud ecosystem – a select group of organizations that support a wide variety of TI devices to enable a quick and easily connection to the cloud.


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