Friday, April 19, 2024

All-Flash VxRail Appliances Now Available

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EMC today announced customer adoption of the VCE® VxRail Appliance. VxRail Appliances are the only hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that are jointly engineered with VMware and are fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested for VMware environments. VxRail Appliances are delivering simplicity, scalability and automation at the right price point for small/midsize data centers and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.

IT organizations in industries including finance, government and public sector, retail, technology, healthcare and manufacturing and distribution are choosing VxRail Appliances because of their:

· VMware Integration – Jointly engineered by EMC and VMware for standardized ease-of-management

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· Consolidation with Scalability – Starts small and scales with single node upgrades; reduces data center footprint and CapEx

· Industry-Leading Reliability – Jointly engineered and integrated by EMC and VMware with a single support number for end-to-end accountability

· High-Performance – Flash Speed at Hybrid prices and free EMC RecoverPoint for VMs

· Flexible Applications – Supports small/midsize data centers and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.

All-Flash VxRail Appliances Generally Available
The mass adoption of flash is driven by the desire to run an increasing number of virtual workloads on fewer physical machines combined with the new economics of Flash storage. All-flash VxRail Appliances extend the industry’s broadest all-flash portfolio to hyper-converged use cases. EMC is now shipping a full range of all-flash VxRail Appliances that enable customers to modernize their data center and remote office deployments with as little as 3.8TB of flash to more than 76TB – over 2X more flash than any other hyper-converged appliance. Additionally customers can combine appliances to meet growing demands – a 64-node all-flash cluster that delivers 1,792 cores and 1,216 TB of raw storage, making it the industry’s most powerful HCIA to date, maximizing performance and scale for applications that demand low latency.

Through the use of the latest 3-D or vertical NAND (3-D NAND) technologies and VMWare Virtual SAN 6.2, VxRail Appliances deliver much higher flash capacity than any other competitive offering at a lower price. VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 features an advanced performance optimization architecture that now adds data efficiency capabilities – deduplication, compression and erasure coding – for all-flash storage that delivers highly cost-efficient performance while optimizing the use of flash drives. As a result, VxRail Appliances all-flash configurations have reached the crossover point between flash and magnetic storage pricing and are offered at the same price per raw gigabyte as hybrid appliances.


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