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Give your iOS devices a storage boost with NITRO iDrive microSD card reader and Nitro iDrive 3.0 OTG

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productIndia, September 22, 2016: Strontium Technology Pte Ltd, a leading digital storage manufacturing company with headquarters in Singapore, today announced the launch of NITRO iDrive card reader with lightning, an external storage card reader that can securely store and share digital contents such as movies, pictures, and music between iPhone, iPad and iPod through Strontium NITRO UHS-I (U1) microSD card (Low Power Mode) optimized for iOS devices.

In addition to our flagship apple range, Nitro iDrive 3.0 OTG drive for iOS devices, Nitro iDrive card reader is equipped with the lightning connector that makes data and file transfer convenient to and from your latest iPhone, iPad and iPod with lightning ports at an extremely fast transfer speed on-the-go. It is a simple plug in and play expandable storage that will minus the baggage of bulky USB cables.

StrontiumStrontium iDrive APP allows easy file management and control access to your important files and folders. You can play all popular formats of music and video files from the drive through the Strontium iDrive APP available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can also restore and backup all your essentials like contacts and camera roll, automatically.

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“We always want to make the mobile storage flexible and hassle free for our users who can capture tons of photos, store music and other data without worrying. With our new iDrive card reader, it gives an immediate boost to the storage space in your iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPod and iPad and make you stress free about how and where to transfer the data.” said Vivian Singh, President & CEO, Strontium Technology Pte Ltd.” “Also the same microSD card can be used in other devices which will have a microSD card slot”, he further added.

With its bold and curvy design, it can contain storage of up to 52,416 photos; 1920 minutes of 1080p HD video; or 32,000 MP3 songs. It comes with 1-year warranty for Strontium iDrive Card Reader and lifetime warranty for Strontium NITRO UHS-I microSD card.

sr128gwhotgaz - 128gb apple idrive usb 3.0This ultimate expandable storage solution for your iPhone, iPad and iPod easily adds up to 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of extra storage to a device without increasing its footprint and priced at INR 4,160, INR 5,200 and INR 7,150 respectively.

With a read speed up to 85 MB/s, Strontium iDrive USB 3.0 you can securely store and share digital contents such as movies, pictures, and music from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac or PC computer and vice-versa with amazing transfer speed using its dual 8-Pin lightning and standard Type A USB 3.0 connectors. It is available with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB expandable storage across all online e-commerce sites and LFRs with a starting price of INR 2,695 and 2 years limited warranty.


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