Monday, May 20, 2024

Customizable Ultra-Low Light Camera With Network Synchronization Capability

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Do you want a customisable camera for supervision and monitoring activity, a device that can easily be integrated into your existing infrastructure? The e-con system’s RouteCAM series comes with many common communication protocols that will allow you to add it to your existing infrastructure without a problem!!!

e-con Systems has launched RouteCAM CU20, an HDR GigE ultra-low light camera with network synchronization capability. The camera is based on Sony’s STARVIS IMX462 image sensor which boast is known for its excellent low light imaging. The RouteCAM_CU20 is a power over ethernet (PoE) camera which can transfer both power and data at distances up to 100m over a single GigE interface. The camera can be easily integrated with all image processing platforms including X86 processors and ARM processors.

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The camera is highly customizable and allows the user to choose different optics, form factors, etc. to meet customers’ unique requirements. Furthermore, the camera allows for network synchronization which allows users to have multi-camera streaming making it useful for surveillance applications. In addition to surveillance, RouteCAM_CU20 is suitable for use in various other applications such as autonomous vehicles, warehouse management, robots, Patient monitoring etc.

According to the company, the RouteCAM_CU20 is the first camera in its GigE camera portfolio. The STARVIS IMX462 sensor by Sony used in the camera enables excellent low light and near InfraRed (NIR) imaging capability to the camera. The camera features the ONVIF protocol support which allows the integration of this camera with any ONVIF-based system easily.

Features of RouteCAM_CU20
● Network synchronization – To provide synchronized multi-camera streaming
● Customization – Can be customized including optics, form factor, etc. to meet customers’ unique requirements
● Sony STARVIS IMX462 – HDR, NIR and ultra-low light capabilities
● PoE – Ensure power supply for the camera through the data cable itself
● GigE interface – Ensures reliable connection to transfer video data up to a distance of 100m
● H.264/H.265 encoding – Ensures high-quality video transmission with minimal bandwidth
● ONVIF protocol support – Allows integrating of this camera with any ONVIF-based system easily


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