Saturday, April 20, 2024

How To Get Your Very Own Personal Arduino Board. For Free

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Share your best idea with us and get a chance to win a brand new Arduino board for yourself.

What you got to do?
All you need to do is submit your idea related to Arduino, IOT or Electronics and the best idea across all submissions will be selected as winner.

What you got to do to win?
Since there is only 1 winner, get as creative as you like. Your idea should resolve a day to day problem. So start by thinking what could be solved around you with some technology? Or how could technology make life easier for you?

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Secondly, the idea should be around Arduino, IOT or Electronics.

How is it going to go down?
You got the idea, we got the stuff. Build your idea into reality, and make wonders happen.

Skills required to be a winner:
Their no set rules to be a winner, your attitude defines your success. However, a passion for Web Development, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, JS Libraries & Frameworks would definitely make you a star among us.

If you love spending hours talking about programming, you would fit in perfectly at JSLovers.

What is JSLovers?
It is a platform where you can attend sessions, meet and interact with JavaScript fanatics like you and share your knowledge with them. Also share your enthusiasm of front end developments in the field and apprise yourself of latest developments.

What we offer?

  • A strong community of 500+ JSLovers.
  • 400+ participants on Facebook
  • 9000 sessions on our Website

Submit your ideas here

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