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IITs And IIMs bag 137% And 121% Higher Salary Packages

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There is a rise in demand for skilled candidates across all domains and to meet this demand, employers have taken the campus route to attract quality talent

According to the Campus Hiring Report 2018 released by Mettl, IITs and IIMs bag 137% and 121% higher salary packages as compared to other institutes.  

The survey was conducted across 114 engineering and 80 management institutes during the recent campus placement season across different regions in India. The report gave details on some of the major salary and employment trends in the campus recruitment space.

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Hiring trends of institutes

To drive the hiring trends of all geographical Indian educational institutions, the research team reached out to placement cells of various institutes during the campus placement season.

The survey revealed that graduates from the top Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) bag 137% higher entry-level packages as compared to the average salary of an engineer, with CS/IT graduates receiving the highest annual package of INR 6.9 lakh p.a.

The new IITs are catching up fast with top NITs in terms of compensation packages offered, especially for CS/IT graduates where new IITs have surpassed top NITs. Furthermore, candidates proficient in new-age skills like machine learning and data science was found to be hired largely from the IITs.

Recruitment current by MBA institutions

Now, if we throw light on the hiring run by management institutions then the top Indian Institute of Management (IIM) graduates received 121% higher salary packages than an average MBA graduate.

In a region-wise analysis of management institutions, it was observed that West India held a leading position with 17% higher compensations than the average salary recorded. In addition to this, graduates in the technology domain received the average salary package of INR 14.8 lakh p.a.

Post-MBA, roles in senior management were the highest paid jobs commanding 118% while General Management roles accounted for the maximum number of hires at 31%.

To pick skilled and potential talent

The Campus Hiring Report 2018 offers a step-by-step guide for companies to effectively manage various stages of conducting a recruitment programme in order to select high potential talent on basis of logical reasoning, analytical and verbal abilities of candidates.

A campus scorecard has been created based on overall scores of students from multiple campuses. It categorises students on the basis of their performance in the assessments, which helps organisations conducting campus hiring programmes to recruit high-quality talent in a timely, reliable, and in an efficient manner.

In order to remove the possibility of cheating during online campus assessments, it also offers a proprietary web-based proctoring solution that uses audio and video-based recognition features to ensure the integrity of recruitment tests.

Well, it is focussing more on customised assessments for use across the entire employee lifecycle, beginning with pre-hiring screening and candidate skills assessment, training and development programs to bring out better opportunities for the deserving candidate.


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