Monday, July 22, 2024

New Pyrometry Platform For Optimising Industrial Heating Applications

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It can be used in power and temperature control during industrial manufacturing to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0

For providing non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic or coated metallic surfaces in industrial manufacturing applications, Advanced Energy has released the Impac Series 600.

Featuring a modular, field-configurable multichannel plug-and-play design, the Impac Series 600 is pyrometry platform that has a multi-sensor head design, which interfaces with a central hub, enabling cost-effective temperature measurement of up to eight points and can be used in power control and optimisation of industrial heating applications.

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The Impac Series 600 is user-friendly and provides the flexibility to support applications in a wide variety of target markets, including automotive, laminating, injection moulding, PET bottle production, packaging and more. Its modular capabilities enable the addition or replacement of temperature measurement points without the need to return the system to the factory for calibration, reducing downtime and overall cost of ownership.

The Impac Series 600 includes the following features:

⦁ Supports 1-8 measurement points, making it one of the most adaptable options on the market today
⦁ Field configurable and highly flexible plug-and-play functionality
⦁ Field-replaceable sensor heads without the need for factory recalibration
⦁ Analog and digital outputs, with and without display screen
⦁ Intended for power control and optimisation of industrial heating applications

“The Series 600’s highly configurable digital architecture and ability to interface with a variety of customer protocols deliver on the Industry 4.0 promise of real-time data analysis and improved process control for uniformity and repeatability. It also means higher equipment uptime through predictive maintenance,” said Jeff Hebb, vice president, product marketing, photonics and power control solutions group at Advanced Energy.

“Building on Advanced Energy’s industry-leading Impac pyrometers, we are lowering the barrier to implementing highly accurate, multipoint temperature monitoring and control. Our goal is to offer customers architecture that is flexible and easy to install and maintain, while also providing an attractive cost of ownership. With the new Series 600 platform, we are planning further expansion to additional temperature and wavelength ranges for a growing number of industrial applications.”


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