Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Industry’s First Automotive-Grade PolarP P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

By Akanksha Sondhi Gaur

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Optimal Choice for High-Voltage Automotive and Industrial Applications with Stringent Requirements

PolarP IXTY2P50PA P-Channel MOSFET

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the IXTY2P50PA, which marks the debut of the automotive-grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET. This design has been engineered to address the rigorous demands of automotive applications, promising unparalleled performance and reliability. This MOSFET can handle -500 V and -2 A. The AEC qualification guarantees that the MOSFET meets the automotive industry’s stringent quality and reliability standards. The company claims that with this qualification, automotive manufacturers can have complete confidence in their ability to deliver good performance and reliability for their applications consistently.

Key features include:

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  • AEC-Q101 qualification
  • Maximum on-state resistance of 4.2 Ω
  • Minimises power dissipation,
  • Minimal conduction loss
  • Low gate charge of 11.9 nC

This MOSFET delivers good switching performance, featuring a low gate charge facilitating swift and efficient operation. It is robust when exposed to challenging operating conditions and demanding applications. Due to its dynamic dv/dt and avalanche rating, it exhibits resilience in adverse environments, consistently delivering dependable performance. This unique blend of characteristics makes it a superior choice for automotive applications where durability and reliability are paramount.

Versatile Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Electronics

It is a high-voltage automotive P-channel MOSFET that facilitates a power-dense PCB (printed circuit board)  design by its compact TO-252 (DPAK) footprint in a surface mount form factor. This diminutive footprint translates into substantial space conservation on the PCB, allowing more streamlined and efficient designs. Automotive manufacturers stand to gain from this space-efficient design, empowering them to optimise their applications and attain enhanced functionality within confined spaces.

The versatile PolarP Series is exceptionally well-suited for a broad spectrum of automotive electronics and industrial applications. This includes critical components such as Automotive Engine Control Units (ECUs) and Automotive Sensor Circuits, where precision and reliability are paramount. Additionally, the series excels in High-Side Switches, facilitating efficient control in various automotive and industrial systems. 

For applications requiring amplification, the PolarP Series is an excellent choice for Push-Pull Amplifiers, ensuring robust performance. Furthermore, it’s an integral part of Automatic Test Equipment, contributing to accurate and consistent testing processes. Lastly, the series shines in Current Regulators, delivering precise current control in demanding scenarios across the automotive and industrial sectors. The MOSFET is offered in reel packaging, each containing 2500 pieces.

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