Sunday, July 21, 2024

Industry’s First IP67 Illuminated Keyswitch With 12N Actuation Force

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C&K has added a new robust IP-rated illuminated key switch for the automotive, medical and industrial environments to their K12S series. The switch offers an excellent tactile feel and comes in DPST, dual-contact versions with a double-step actuation of 6/12N. The tactile switch feature gold-plated, self-cleaning contacts and offers low contact resistance and a high insulation resistance along with a high life cycle of 1,000,000. The K12S series complies with RoHS requirements and is compatible with an SMT lead-free soldering process.

The K12S key switches have been launched to meet the demands of high-performance dimly illuminated environments, the switches are available in 7 different LED colours to accommodate specific application requirements. The key switches come with IP40 and IP67 sealed versions for use in indoor and harsh outdoor environments, respectively. These are capable of delivering more than 1 million actuation cycles. The company claims that the K12S employs an advanced material that provides better transparency while withstanding high reflow temperatures.

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“With the growing demand for brightly illuminated switches, K12S delivers performance and practicality for your design,” explained Cedric Garropin, Product Manager at C&K. “By configuring different combinations of spring mechanisms and cam designs, we are able to customise the switches’ travel distance, actuation force, and contact position to meet a variety of different customer requirements within the same form factor.”

The K12S key switches series features gold-plated and self-cleaning contacts for responsive operations and offers a low contact resistance (<100mΩ) along with a high load tolerance of 100N. These features make this switch suitable for mechatronics design engineers to integrate into complex sub-assemblies requiring precise control for joysticks, remote controls, vehicle cabins and forklift/crane controls. The switches are also suitable for applications in motorcycle controls and can be used by the rider with gloves on. Furthermore, the K12S Series meets safety requirements for demanding applications in medical, military, avionics or industrial equipment.


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