Monday, April 22, 2024

Integrating GSM Positioning Into Solar-Powered Telematics Tracker

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  • u-blox’s LARA-R2 cellular module with positioning capability helps in receiving and transmitting data with no interference
  • Suitable for cargo tracking application devices

u-blox has announced that its LTE Cat 1 modem with GSM fallback and positioning capability, the LARA-R211 will be a part of the ultra-robust, solar-powered X-Rayl Solar Pointer logistics tracker made by DOT Telematik und Systemtechnik GmbH, a provider of robust telematics solutions for logistics and intelligent tracking.

Specifically designed for container and cargo tracking, with a focus on rail transport, the telematics device can withstand harsh handling, while providing a robust asset-to-cloud data link to transmit telematics and other sensor data such as temperature and motion – all in real-time.

The X-Rayl Solar Pointer is among the very few that never need their batteries to be changed. At the same time, the s is effective

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“We were impressed with the quality and reliability of u-blox’s SAM-M8Q GNSS receiver. After evaluating the LARA-R211 LTE Cat 1 modem with 2G fallback, we decided to source our tracker’s cellular modem from u-blox as well. u-blox has proven to be a highly reliable partner, delivering high-quality solutions that add value to our products,” says Philipp Tarter, CEO of DOT.

“We’re very pleased that DOT chose to design our LARA-R211 LTE Cat 1 modem into the latest edition of their solar tracker. The telematics market is one of our key markets and we are proud to be part of such a highly competitive cargo tracking solution,” says Drazen Drinic, Principal Product Strategy Cellular Product Center at u-blox.


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