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Matrix Helping Hoteliers Improve Communication with Advanced Communication Solutions

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Matrix is well-known for offering communication and security solutions. The tagline of the company‘Expect More!’ is very finely translated in the quality of solutions it offers.

Changing technology and people selecting hotels according to the standard of services offered are the major challenges of the hoteliers. Hotel owners are finding it difficult to offer personalized services within a limited budget.

Matrix Hospitality Solutions help hotel Matrix Hospitality IP-PBXstaff offer high quality services to the guests by remaining in their reach when on the move at reduced costs.

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Matrix presents ETERNITY – a comprehensive range of communication solutions engineered for small budget to luxury hotels.ETERNITY is compatible with latest technology and is based on state-of-the-art design. The perfectly tailored communication system helps hoteliers offer reliable services.
Range of Matrix Hospitality Solutions include:

ETERNITYPE6SP– A hospitality IP-PBX with 48 ports supports 50 IP users in hotels with 40 rooms.

ETERNITYGE6S– Hospitality solution with 120 ports supporting 500 IP users and catering to communication needs of hotels with 100 rooms.

ETERNITYGE12S– Hotel IP-PBX to satisfy the communication needs of hotels with 200 rooms has 240 ports and offer support to 500 IP users.

ETERNITYME16S –Streamlining communication in hotels with 500 rooms with 516 ports and supporting 1000 IP users.

ETERNITYLE– Improving collaboration in hotels with 1500 rooms by supporting 1500 users with 1344 ports.

Matrix SARVAM UCS- Hospitality PBX

To satisfy the evolving communication needs of hotel owners, Matrix has launched SARVAM UCS. SARVAM UCS- Unified Communication Server offers Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility to modern hotels. Hotel staff can respond to guests at the earliestby installing Matrix SPARSH desk phone or MATRIX VARTAsoftphone application on any device.
The product offered by Matrix for communication needs of modern hotels:

ETERNITY GENX – Next generation hotel PBXwith 240 ports to support 1000 users and improve communication in hotels with 1000 rooms.

Hospitality Features of the PBX
• Built-in Hotel Software
(Front Desk, Check-in/out, Wake-up Calls, Room Clean Status)
• Ready PMS Integration
(Micros Opera, IDS, RMS, protel, Amadeus, RSI, cHar)
• Mobility for Service Staff
(Mobile Softphone, PC Based Softphone, IP-DECT, Wi-Fi SIP Phones)
• Advanced Voice Mail
(Personalized Greetings, Auto-Attendant, Conversation Recording)
• Call Accounting
(Built-in Feature, Ready Integration with ThirdParty Software)
• Guest Services
(Guest-in/out, Wake-up Calls and Reminders, Do Not Disturb)

Almost 10,000 hotel owners have improved communication in their hotels with these solutions. The products have served hoteliers’ needs of:
– Flawless Communication
– Mobility and accessibility for hotel staff personnel and guests within hotels.
– Industry Leading Hospitality Features
– Step-wise growth and migration – from TDM to VoIPand lower to higher capacity.

Some of the reputed Customers:
1. Hotel Alexandra Plaza, Riccione, Italy
2. Gold Leaf Hotel, Mauritius
3. Hotel Condal, Spain
4. The Senses Resort, Phuket
5. Sunset Inn, US
6. Tifco Hotel Group, Ireland

Advantages of Matrix Hospitality Solutions
• Universal Personality Slots, No Fixed System Bottlenecks
• Universal Connectivity (In-Skin GSM, VOIP, ISDN, BRI, PRI and CO connectivity)
• No need for re-programming new system, port backup configuration to new platform.
• Compact Foot Print
• Hot-swappable Cards and Redundancy
• Open to Third Party PMS and CAS Support
• Quick Installation Wizard
• Built-in Auto-attendant and Voice Mail System
• IP Server for Advanced VoIP Functionalities
• No Hidden Costs and Early ROI
• 24×7 Online Support

Hotel owners can satisfy their need for installing a single box to improve security and streamline communication with Matrix Hospitality Solution.The IP-PBX platform is compatible with traditional networks, ISDN PRI and BRI, IP, GSM/UMTS(3G) and radio network.The integrated and converged platform helps hoteliers save on internal, external and long distance call costs.The auxiliary additional ports can connect digital door locks, public address system and sensors.

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