Wednesday, April 24, 2024

National Instruments (NI) India Expands R&D Center and Launches NI India Business Incubator Program

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National Instruments (NI) India has launched the NI India Business Incubator Program and announced the expansion of their R&D Centre in India. Both these initiatives aim to support the government’s Make in India program and enable Indian engineers to become global knowledge partners in driving innovation and development across industries and domains. 

The expansion of the India R&D Center ensures that NI has access to the top talent instrumental in building a platform that meets the needs of all engineers and scientists today. NI works with leading universities to hire the best and brightest talent within the region and provides world-class, formal and on-the-job training to create a long-term and sustained career progression.

“We strongly believe we can help the Indian startup ecosystem overcome technological hurdles and succeed faster,” said Scott Rust, senior vice president of Global R&D at NI. “Our platform provides the fastest way for engineers and scientist to access new technology and accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery.  By providing access to NI’s platform and technologies, we are investing in future innovators and contributing towards sustainable development in all markets that we serve.” 

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Through NI India’s Business Incubator Program, NI will provide increased access to NI technology, technical training and support to shared local communities like domestic Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), academic incubation centers and startups.

“For Make in India to succeed and sustain, manufacturing in India should bring more benefits to the table than just cost of labor. Companies can differentiate themselves by adopting smart technologies to reduce defects and improve quality,” said Jayaram Pillai, Managing Director, NI India. “NI’s technology provides a flexible and powerful platform to build these intelligent systems that power the factory of the future. Startups are an integral part of building the future and we believe that the NI India Business Incubator Program will contribute to the Make in India initiative.”

To extend its reach and maximise the impact of the Business Incubator Program, NI is partnering with mission-aligned local organisations, as well as experienced technology and business consultants, to provide world-class support and assistance to the applicants. It is also aligned with the flagship initiative of the Government of India, Start-up India, which strives to build a solid eco-system to support innovation, promote domestic startups and generate viable economic growth by generating large-scale employment opportunities. These forward-looking actions of the Indian Government and the abundance of engineering talent will significantly contribute to Bangalore’s transformation into the home of some of the best technology companies in India and abroad.


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