Friday, June 14, 2024

New 1/16th Brick 100W DC/DC Converter With Remote On/Off and High Efficiency

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Flex Power Module has released a low profile, sixteenth brick DC-DC converter which is a part of PKU-D series. The converter is rated for 100W with an input of 30 – 60 V and an output of 12V/8.3A. The module is designed for providing high efficiency at lower input voltage.

100 W DC-DC converter

The company claims that the module is designed to provide efficiency of up to 95% at lower input voltages. The module also offers protection features such as over-temperature protection, over-current protection, input over-voltage protection, output-overvoltage protection, and short circuit protection. The PKU3913D features monotonic start-up capability, pre-bias, remote on/off, and an MTBF of 13.88 M hours at 40°C ambient according to Telcordia standards.

The module can work as a Power of Ethernet (PoE )switches as the input range is compatible with PoE standard IEEE 802.3af (37-57 VDC). Under the IEEE 802.3af standard, the PoE can be used to supply power to the powered device (PD) using two of the four twisted-pair wires available in the Ethernet cables. The intended application of PKU3913D aims for nominal input of 48V to 54V where voltage drop is caused due to the long-ranged cable such as microwave radio links.

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Features of PHU3913D:

  • 100 W rating
  • 30-60 V input range
  • 2250 V input/output isolation
  • High efficiency

This module follows the industry-standard 1/16th brick format with a footprint measuring 33.02mm x 22.86mm x 22.86mm with a 12.7mm high pinned version or an optional SMT or through-hole termination.


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