Wednesday, November 29, 2023

New Isolation Portfolio Extends High-Voltage Application Lifespan

By Akanksha Sondhi Gaur

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  • Enhance signal integrity and achieve up to an 80% reduction in power consumption through seamless pin-to-pin replacement of optocouplers.
  • Introducing new opto-emulators featuring SiO2-based isolation technology enhances performance throughout the lifetime of end products.

Texas Instruments (TI) has ushered in a new era of signal isolation semiconductors by introducing its opto-emulator portfolio. Engineered to elevate signal integrity, minimise power consumption, and extend the lifespan of high-voltage industrial and automotive applications, these opto-emulators are set to revolutionise the industry. These devices, the inaugural offerings in this portfolio, are designed to be pin-to-pin compatible with the most commonly used optocouplers, ensuring a seamless integration process while harnessing the unique advantages of silicon dioxide (SiO2)-based isolation technology.

This new portfolio of opto-emulators addresses the growing need for reliable and affordable isolation and exemplifies our commitment to investing in high-voltage technologies. The key features include:

  • The dielectric strength of 500 VRMS/µm 
  • SiO2 isolation barrier guarantees over 40 years of end-product design protection.
  • Opto-emulators provide isolation protection, to levels of 3,750 VRMS.
  • Power consumption is reduced by up to 80% 
  • Operates across a broad temperature spectrum, ranging from -55°C to 125°C.
  • Exhibits common-mode transient immunity, surpassing optocouplers by a factor of up to 10.

Unlike traditional optocouplers, which rely on LEDs for signal isolation and require overdesign to compensate for LED ageing, the new opto-emulators eliminate this need. Using SiO2, they mitigate the effects of LED ageing, providing a stable and long-lasting solution. 

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The company says that today’s push for electrification, coupled with the intricacies of designing high-voltage systems, presents a need for engineers to increase the performance and lifetime of their products while ensuring the right level of isolation. Engineers and designers can access preproduction quantities of these opto-emulator products through the company’s official website. The package options are available in sizes as compact as 4.8 mm by 3.5 mm, with evaluation modules starting at just US$19.00.


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