Thursday, July 25, 2024

New Open Hardware Portal Showcasing Best Open Source Board Designs

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The latest initiative by Lattice Semiconductor brings together some of the innovative open source boards out there to the attention of a larger electronics design community

The OrangeCrab (Image credit:

Lattice Semiconductor has been one of the semiconductor companies involved in providing technological solutions across the network, from the Edge to the Cloud in growing markets such as communications, computing, industrial, automotive and consumer.

Taking that innovativeness forward, the company has now introduced a new “community-sourced” portal on its website, featuring a range of development boards designed by the open-source community and built around Lattice’s FPGAs. 

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The list of developments kits and boards includes:

  • Alhambra II
  • Fomu
  • iCEBreaker
  • OrangeCrab
  • TinyFPGA Bx
  • ULX3S

Along with the above, there is a host of reference designs showcased as well which include:

  • Basic ECP5 Dev Board
  • BlackIce-II
  • Doppler 
  • iCE Bling
  • Pergola
  • TrellisBoard

Each board has been given a dedicated page, listing out their features, design files, source codes and from where they can be obtained.  

“In addition to proprietary boards developed by Lattice and other partners, there is a broad array of boards developed by the open-source community. In some cases just the designs are available and in other cases, there are sources available for purchasing assembled boards,” stated Lattice Semiconductor’s website.

It further mentioned, “For your convenience, we list some of the more popular and interesting Community Sourced boards on the Lattice website. Lattice does not evaluate or certify community sourced boards so you will want to make your own assessment as to fitness for your application.”

For additional information, visit here.


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