Sunday, July 21, 2024

AC LED Street Light With Dimming Based On PIR Motion Sensor

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The outdoor lighting system glows with full brightness when movement is detected for more than a minute, thus saving energy

The implementation of proper lighting systems is necessary for providing a safe and visible environment in low-light conditions while reducing power consumption.

Introducing the energy efficient AC LED Street lights in 15W, 25W, 50W LED rating, which are equipped with PIR motion sensor. The IR based motion sensor is capable of detecting movement underneath the light and accordingly control the LED light brightness. If movement is detected, then the LED light glows at 100 per cent brightness. If no movement is detected for more than 1 minute, then light brightness is reduced to 50 percent, leading to considerable energy savings.

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Key Features

⦁ Wide input AC voltage range
⦁ 85% AC driver efficiency and 92% LED driver efficiency
⦁ 12m range Panasonic make PIR sensor for accurate movement detection
⦁ Dimming to 50% brightness if motion not detected for more than 1 minute
⦁ 50% energy savings
⦁ Aluminum pressure cast housing is corrosion less and robust
⦁ Energy saving product for environmental benefits

The AC LED Street light with PIR motion sensor dimming has been designed keeping in view Indian power conditions and works on wide AC input voltage range. The product has IP65 waterproof housing that is suitable for outdoor lighting of highways, streets, courtyards, lawns, community areas, etc.

SYSTELLAR is manufacturing the complete range of AC LED Street lights and can be be obtained from them.


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