Thursday, June 20, 2024

ADXpress Will Enable High-Speed Data Transmission In Vehicles

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Inova Semiconductors’ ADXpress Architecture will enable high-speed data transmission in vehicles, the new technology can revolutionise future cars and make autonomous driving more reliable.

Inova Semiconductors has announced ADXpress, an architecture that can enable ultrafast data transmission in vehicles. The faster data transfer can open new possibilities for the upcoming driverless vehicles which predict the path based on the data it gets from various sensors. This architecture will enable the raw data from the sensors to transmit over the virtual data paths with deterministic latency to one or more evaluation units. The technology will allow designers to install a higher number of displays with higher resolution than what is possible with today’s technology.

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“With ADXpress, one can rightly speak of a new dimension of connectivity in vehicles, as the familiar point-to-point or point-to-repeater concepts can be replaced by much more integrable and flexible topologies. This also opens up new possibilities in all aspects of sensor data fusion for ADAS and AD. The number of displays that can be controlled and their maximum resolutions will continue to increase significantly,” says Roland Neumann, CTO of Inova Semiconductors.

Connected and autonomous vehicles are the future of mobility. But unlike current cars, these self-driving cars need to capture and process a large amount of data in real-time, these cars require a lot of sensors including cameras, ultrasonic transceivers, radar, lidar, etc. to detect objects and navigate. The higher data transmission rate can enhance not just the safety but also the overall driving experience for future vehicles. The ADXpress allows sensors to communicate using various communication protocols including PCI Express, Ethernet or SPI, whereby the data transfers are currently carried out electrically with 30 Gbps, or with optical media, with 4 x 24 Gbps


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