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Automotive Headlight LED Controller That Can Reduce Motor Accidents At Night

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iND83080 is an integrated solution that offers pixel-level control for adaptive driving beam (ADB) and dynamic turn signal applications.

iND83080 from indie Semiconductor is a system-on-chip (SoC) for external automotive lighting. The iND83080 is an integrated LED matrix controller that simplifies the design and reduces the cost of high-definition exterior lighting applications where individual LEDs are turned on and off to deliver pixel-level control. It is suitable for designing adaptive headlights, which enable highly controllable and precise illumination, and in combination with beam-forming creates an adaptive driving beam (ADB) that can accurately illuminate the path ahead, while minimizing the light that causes dangerous glare for incoming drivers, thus reducing temporary blindness and preventing motor accidents.

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Adaptive headlights are a type of automotive lighting system that adjusts the direction of the beams based on the vehicle’s speed and steering angle. The lights pivot as the steering wheel is turned, providing improved visibility and increased safety while driving in darkness or low-light conditions. This type of headlight system helps to illuminate the road ahead and to the sides, making it easier for the driver to see other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles.

“Pixel-level control of matrix LEDs can enhance road safety and the overall driver experience,” said Michael Wittmann, senior vice president of product marketing at indie Semiconductor. “Features such as ADB have been available to car buyers in Europe and Asia for a number of years and will soon become commonplace in the U.S. given the latest changes in federal regulations. By offering industry-leading performance and integration for automotive LED matrix deployments, indie’s first SoC for external automotive lighting provides leading vehicle OEMs and tier one’s significant flexibility, while speeding design and achieving substantial overall system-level cost savings.”

The on-chip integration of a high-accuracy, high-speed clock simplifies system design, enables multi-chip synchronization, and removes the need for external clock generation, thereby reducing component count. The iND83080 matrix controller SoC is specifically designed for ADB, dynamic turn signal and dynamic positioning lighting applications. The implementation of adaptive headlights in vehicles will make driving safer at night.

About indie
indie is an automotive semiconductors and software platforms that focuses on edge sensors spanning multiple modalities, including LiDAR, radar, ultrasound and vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), user experience and electrification applications.



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