Tuesday, June 18, 2024

AVX Corporation Introduces Portable Millimeter Wave Measurement System

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AVX Corporation, a supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions, introduces ETH-MMW-1000 antenna measurement system.

The system is a compact, cost-effective, extremely accurate, and easily adaptable portable solution for testing 5G antennas and other devices at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies from 18 to 110 GHz. 

The mm measurement system is a fully anechoic aluminum enclosure on a portable chassis with steerable lifting wheels that enable quick and easy relocation and provide optimal stability during measurements. It has sliding doors for easy access to the center of the system and the device under test, as well as a distributed axis positioning system that is comprised of a height-adjustable, PVC, azimuth mast rotator that rotates the device under test about the Phi axis and a Theta ring positioner that elevates the measurement horns around the device under test.

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It features a dynamic range of up to 55 dBm and a peak gain accuracy of ± 0.9 dB. It takes 19 minutes to perform 10° sampling of 100 frequencies and up to 5.5 minutes to perform 22.5° sampling of 100 frequencies. Moreover, it uses a far-field/spherical technology with oversampling to measure gain, directivity, efficiency, beam width, cross-polar discrimination, sidelobe levels, 3D radiation pattern, radiation pattern in any polarization, TRP, TIS, EIRP, EI, etc.

The ETH-MMW-1000 antenna measurement system requires an AC supply of 110-240 V and consumes 10-16 A of current. It measures 1560 x 2128 x 1236 mm.



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