Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SMD Switch Series Enables Improved Battery Protection For Consumer Electronics

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Ultra-low internal resistance, overcurrent protection and automatic resettable protection makes it ideal for portable battery applications

Equipped with a low resistance of 1mOhm, hold currents from 0.75 A to 9.0 A and a maximum voltage from 6.0 V to 24 V is the new PolySwitch Low Rho SMD series of PPTC devices.

The PolySwitch Low Rho SMD Resettable PPTCs provide robust overcurrent protection for electronics applications where ultra-low internal resistance, ultra-low voltage drop and automatic resettable protection are required.

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Typical markets and applications for the Low Rho Resettable PPTCs include:
⦁ Consumer electronics
⦁ Mobile and wearables
⦁ Servers and computing equipment
⦁ Portable medical devices
⦁ USB Type-A and Type-B ports
⦁ Lithium batteries

“This provides electronics engineers with greater design flexibility, especially when developing next generation of battery protection and charging ports for consumer electronics applications,” said Stephen Li, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse.

PolySwitch Low Rho SMD Resettable PPTCs offer key benefits of:
⦁ Less power dissipation due to ultra-low internal resistance.
⦁ Compact fitting where PCB space is very limited
⦁ Compliant with industry standards via UL and TUV certifications.
⦁ RoHS compliant, lead-free and halogen-free.

The Low Rho PPTC series is available in tape and reel format in surface mountable sizes from 0402 to 2920 from Littelfuse and authorised worldwide distributors.


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