Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Best In Class Driver ICs For Shape Memory Alloy Applications

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Enables precise, submicron control of OIS actuators for smartphone cameras and other SMA-based applications such as 3D sensing and haptics

The CM401 driver chip by Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) for Shape Memory Alloy applications is a device that enables submicron control of the company’s patented lens shift OIS actuators for smartphone cameras.

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The CM401 consists of a built-in MCU, flash memory, SRAM and proprietary power delivery, position sensing and precision control logic, especially tailored for SMA actuators.

The chip can drive SMA-based lens shift OIS actuators and is only the first in a family of high-performance driver ICs for precise control of camera actuators and other SMA-based applications such as 3D sensing, haptics and many more.

The first shipment of CM401 chips has been made for a premium smartphone handset launching soon. Further announcements of CML’s driver IC launches will be made over the forthcoming months.



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