Friday, July 19, 2024

Dual-Core Wireless MCUs For Bluetooth, Zigbee And Thread Connectivity

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The ultra low-power MCUs are integrated with Arm Cortex cores that allow long-distance communication for IoT applications

Giving designers more flexibility to target cost-conscious market opportunities are the new dual-core multi-protocol microcontrollers (MCUs) STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line by STMicroelectronics. The new devices are suited to large-scale IoT applications such as fleet and resource management, as well as asset monitoring and tracking.

The extremely low-power MCUs integrate a 2.4GHz radio managed by a dedicated Arm Cortex-M0+ core, with a 64MHz Arm Cortex-M4 for the main application for permitting uninterrupted real-time performance. They support Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0Zigbee 3.0OpenThread (IEEE 802.15.4) protocols and concurrent modes, with built-in security features. The STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line devices include up to 512 KBytes of integrated Flash memory and up to of 96 KBytes of SRAM, with a Quad-SPI interface for connecting to external high-speed memory.

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The new devices are pin-compatible with the existing STM32WB5x devices along with sharing common MCU features, giving users the flexibility to easily scale and migrate their designs. A rich selection of analogue peripherals, digital interfaces and fast I/Os are offered, many of which are 5V tolerant. The MCUs integrate:

  • Radio balun
  • USB2.0 Full Speed with a crystal-less oscillator
  • Embedded capacitors for 32MHz crystal
  • DC-DC step-down converter to minimise Bill of Materials (BoM) and platform footprint.

Ensuring reliability and security

Outstanding RF performance, with a programmable output power of up to +6dBm and with a 102dBm link budget ensures reliable connectivity over longer distances, while ultra-low power consumption extends battery runtime.

All STM32WB products are supported in the STM32Cube ecosystem, an exhaustive software development suite that offers a combination of embedded software libraries and software tools addressing all the needs of a complete project development cycle.

With a focus on security, the STM32WB MCUs integrate:

  • Secure firmware installation (SFI)
  • Hardware encryption for the application and radio stacks
  • Hardware public-key authority (PKA)
  • Hardware accelerators for state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms
  • Support for secure Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates.

The STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value line of the STM32WB portfolio are in production now in a QFN48 package.


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