Friday, May 31, 2024

Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter With Ultra-Low Quiescent Current

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The newly launched buck-boost switching regulator with bypass mode extends the battery life of smart IoT devices and maximizes efficiency over the whole output current range

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the launch of the ISL9122A, a flexible buck-boost switching regulator with bypass mode that provides ultra-low quiescent current (IQ) for powering sensors, microcontrollers (MCUs), wireless devices and other system components. 

Operating with battery output from 1.8V to 5.5V, the ISL9122A extends the battery life of smart IoT devices powered by coin-cell, lithium and multiple series alkaline batteries. Target applications include wireless earbuds, fitness bands, smartwatches, water and gas meters, portable medical devices and a wide range of battery-operated smart IoT devices.

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The ISL9122A buck-boost switching regulator implements dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) in I2C programmable 25mV steps to optimize system power consumption. The regulator’s power boost up to 5.375V maximizes RF capabilities of IoT devices across their battery range. 

Its PFM and PWM functionality maximizes efficiency over the whole output current range. In forced PWM mode, the regulator always switches at 2.5MHz frequency, which improves EMI performance of the system.

Other Features 

  • Ultra-low IQ <1.3 µA 
  • Low shutdown mode current of 7 nA to extend battery life
  • High efficiency at light load (84% at 10 µA) and 97% peak efficiency to reduce power drain and heat buildup
  • Automatic and selectable forced bypass power-saving mode reduces IQ
  • Large adjustable output voltage range from 1.8V to 5.375V in 25mV increments
  • Max output current up to 500mA (Vout = 3.3V, Vin = 3.6V)
  • Ultra-small footprint with 1.8 x 1.0mm WLCSP package or 3x2mm DFN package saves board space
  • Only requires three external components: one inductor, and input and output capacitors
  • Full protection against overcurrent, short-circuit and overheating

“With the explosive growth of IoT wireless connectivity applications, the ISL9122A buck-boost regulator’s fast transitions from no load to full load is ideal for powering the newest generation of devices,” said Andrew Cowell, Vice President, Mobility, Infrastructure and IoT Power Business Division at Renesas. “Our customers praise the ISL9122A’s flexibility, dynamic voltage scaling and lowest regulated standby power consumption.”

With the earlier released ISL9123 buck regulator, the new ISL9122A buck-boost regulator has the capability to power the Renesas RL78 Family of 8/16-bit ultra-low energy MCUs, RA Family of 32-bit MCUs with Arm Cortex-M Core and the RE Family of embedded controllers for wearables and energy harvesting applications.

The ISL9122A is available now from Renesas’ worldwide distributors in 8-lead DFN package and 8-bump WLCSP package.

Two ISL9122A evaluation boards: the ISL9122AIRN-EVZ with 3.3V default output (DFN) and ISL9122AIIN-EVZ with 3.3V default output (WLCSP) that allow designers to evaluate device features and performance are also available. 


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