Saturday, June 15, 2024

Eval Board For Keyboard Controller To Build Mechanical Keyboard

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A wide range of switching functionalities eases the building of custom keyboards with keys that are programmable via USB

Code Mercenaries Hard – und Software GmbH presents the evaluation board for KeyWarrior28 that has space for up to 20 MX type keys and allows easy evaluation or building small volumes of custom keyboards.

KeyWarrior28 can serve up to 64 keys, but only 23 are accessible on the evaluation board. The function of the keys is programmable via USB. KeyWarrior28 also has a key operated mouse function and media and application controls for things like play, pause, mute, start browser, etc.

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Every single key can be programmed with either a single key code, a key code plus one modifier (shift, ctrl, alt, gui), a macro, a mouse function, a media/application control or an FN key.

Two optional FN keys allow switching to a second or third key layout. Like the modifier keys, FN keys can be programmed to act locking or sticky (locking, but only for the next key). This allows mode switching or single finger operation.

The 76 x 103 mm PCB already has the KeyWarrior28 with all necessary parts in place. Keys can be put into the 4 x 5 matrix as necessary (keys not included with the board). Additionally, three external keys can be connected and solder pads for the caps, num, scroll LEDs as well as for the USB cable are available.

Each of the 19 macros can be programmed onto any of the keys. A maximum of 31 key codes can be in each macro. There are three different types of macros (static, typing, cell).

Technical Data

  • Circuit board dimensions: 76 x 103 mm
  • Full-speed USB
  • Works with system drivers
  • Up to 20 MX type keys in 4 x 5 matrix
  • Up to 3 additional keys via solder pads
  • Solder pads for caps, num, scroll LEDs
  • Programmable via USB
  • Every key can be programmed with a modifier plus a normal key
  • Mouse function with cursor control via keys
  • 32 media and application control keys supported (Play, Pause…)
  • Two FN levels for three key layouts
  • FN function can be slaved to a lock LED
  • FN keys and modifier keys can be programmed to act locking or sticky
  • Up to 19 macros with up to 31 keycodes each
  • Static macros for simultaneously activated keycodes
  • Typing macros for entering text
  • Macros for alphanumeric input like on a cell phone
  • Locking mechanism to protect key table data against reading and overwriting

KeyWarrior28EVAL is now available. KeyWarrior is also available as QFN28 chip, DIL28 module or ready to use module with all basic parts on it.


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