Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Compact Smart Touch Displays For Intelligent Control Panel System

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  • A range of smart touch displays by Electronic Assembly offers ease of operating a switch using interactive graphical features
  • An integrated I/O and fast graphics controller allows implementation of stand-alone applications without additional hardware

Electronic Assembly’s uniTFT series provides a range of small touch displays for tablet-like convenience while operating a switch or control unit. Integrated graphics controller, extensive graphics functions and numerous interfaces enable the displays to run without any additional peripherals. 

They have been designed for control panel for industrial usage in analyzing equipment, paper-feeding machines and intelligent measuring devices.

Miniature touch panels can be used for: 

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  • Mechanical switches and controllers in home automation
  • Operating panels in mobile homes 
  • Installation in high-quality kitchen as well as wellness or fitness equipment.

IPS-Panels with All Angle Colour Stability (AACS) technology offers rich colours and contrast, maintaining them even at extreme viewing angles. With a 1,000 cd/m² and more brightness, the displays offer clear text and video even under direct sunlight. Unlike traditional TN-Panels, IPS-Panels do not have an inverse tilt effect. 

At the same time, all screens are equipped with an optically bonded, capacitive touch surface. This allows direct and intuitive interaction with multiple gestures.

Built-in features

An integrated I/O and fast graphics controller allows the implementation of stand-alone applications without additional hardware. Extensive graphic functions support the programming of impressive touch and display functions, as well as animations with the, included Windows tool uniTFTDesigner. A built-in flash memory acts as a storage for images, fonts, menus and log files while a built-in audio output ensures acoustic attention. All displayed objects can be animated and changed in form, colour and content during runtime. 

With USB, RS232, SPI and I²C, the uniTFTs have common serial interfaces. Four analogue inputs as well as eight freely definable I/O interfaces help acquire data and issue control commands. 

The smallest capacitive touch display variant of the uniTFT series has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels on its 50.8 mm screen diagonal. In addition, this series is also available in 71.12 mm (320 x 240), 88.9 mm (480 x 320) and 109.22 mm (480 x 272) diagonals.


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