Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Compact Thermal Camera For Drones, Surveillance Systems And More

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The small and lightweight device has a very high dynamic range for delivering optimal performance in vision-based applications

The latest compact, low-power thermal camera platform called MicroCaliber by Teledyne features a small VGA IR core module on the market, making it ideal for OEM drones, handhelds, helmet-mounted and vehicular integration products.

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The small and lightweight MicroCalibir has been developed by integrating an in-house 12 μm microbolometer pixel technology with a deep-ADC ROIC circuit. This novel ROIC design results in a 1000°C intra-scene temperature range at a sub-50mK NETD.

Its pocket-sized 21 mm x 21 mm format offers the latest Size Weight and Power (SWaP) optimisation for this type of LWIR imager, with a very high dynamic range. Furthermore, the camera can reach very low, sub-30mK, NETD levels by utilising advanced, user-selectable noise filtering algorithms.

The MicroCalibir platform delivers accurate and high-end thermal capabilities and can be configured by resolution, field of view and frame rate, to deliver optimal performance in applications such as UAVs, security and surveillance, outdoor recreation/personal vision systems, firefighting and many more.

MicroCalibir cameras and cores are available in QVGA and VGA resolutions and a variety of lens options. Its modular design allows for different interface options. The currently available interface is LVCMOS. USB2, a CSI2 version will follow later in 2021.


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