Monday, July 22, 2024

Connectors With Cable Assemblies For Rugged Industrial Conditions

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  • Harwin’s latest expansion of its board-to-board industrial connector family offers ease of implementation in space-constrained environments
  • The connectors offer high-cable retention while resisting vibration and unwanted disconnection

Harwin has announced the expansion of its Archer Kontrol board-to-board industrial connector portfolio to meet cable-to-board requirements. These connectors are used in industrial drives, factory automation systems, IIoT, robotics, rugged handheld equipment as well as other applications.

These connectors exhibit strong resilience to conditions present in modern industrial settings such as vibrations, mechanical shocks, high humidity levels and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, their shrouded contacts prevent potential damage from mismating and ensure continued interconnect integrity.

Convenient and durable

Each of these assemblies includes a ribbon cable that is fitted with female connectors at either end, allowing engineers to conveniently implement Archer Kontrol units into systems. 150mm or 300mm cable lengths are available off-the-shelf (other lengths are also available to lead time upon request).

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The IDC design offers engineers a low profile, highly flexible solution which can bend considerably to fit into tight spaces. Significant headroom above the connector is also saved thanks to the horizontal cable exit orientation.

The new cable assemblies support all existing contact counts in this connector family (12, 16, 20, 26, 32, 40, 50, 68 and 80). For greater durability, a gold flash finish is deposited on the contact areas. A highly effective latching mechanism assures cable retention, resisting vibration and accidental disconnection. The components can withstand data rates of up to 3Gbits/s and are optimised for modern industrial settings.


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