Saturday, July 13, 2024

CUI’s M12 Cable To Support 1Gbit Ethernet

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CUI Devices has released new M12 cables which can support up to 1Gbit Ethernet. The new cables are offered in multiple configurations of male or female plug versions and come in various contact position options which include 3,4,5,8, and 12 pins configurations. The M12 cables are waterproof and come with an IP67 rating making these cables suitable for use in harsh industrial setups.

The M12 cables are A-coded to support 1 Gbit Ethernet and are designed to mate with existing lines of M12 circular connectors from CUI devices. The cables come in different lengths of 1,2, or 3 with thicknesses of cables ranging from 26 to 22 AWG. The M12 circular cable assemblies are covered with a PVC jacket material and are blunt cut on one end. The cables are rated for a 1.5 to 4A current rating and are capable of carrying a maximum voltage from 30 to 250Vdc. The M12 cables come in both straight as well as right-angle plugs options.

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The M12 circular cable assemblies cable from CUI devices is suited for Industrial and factory automation and is said to be available soon. It can be procured at a cost of $11.07 per unit at 250 pieces through distribution.


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