Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Digital Power Flyback Controller for Cost-Effective LED Driver Design

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  • High performance flyback controller IC by Infineon Technologies allows effective and robust LED designs by detecting input type to adjust voltage-mode pulse modulator
  • High power factor and constant voltage output helps achieve maximum efficiency and minimum electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Infineon Technologies has introduced the XDP™ digital power XDPL8219, a high-performance flyback controller featuring secondary-side regulation for effective and robust LED designs.

The XDPL8219 works by detecting the input voltage type (AC or constant DC) and accordingly adjusts its voltage-mode pulse modulator for enhanced system performance.

For AC input, the pulse modulation is altered for achieving a high power factor (>0.9) as well as low total harmonic distortion (<10%) over a wide input and load range. For a constant DC input, adapting pulse modulation leads to an adjusted switching frequency which reduces EMI over the entire operating range.

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Optimised performance

A high power factor and constant voltage output is provided by the device while operating in a quasi-resonant mode (QRM) to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum electromagnetic interference (EMI) over a wide load range. It accommodates active burst mode (ABM) at light load to prevent audible noise while achieving a no-load standby power level below 100 mW.

The XDPL8219 provides maximum design flexibility and performance optimisation through parameter configuration via a universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) pin. The XDPL8219 can transmit UART signals to inform about: input voltage, line frequency, controller temperature, last error code and input voltage loss indication amongst others. An additional availability of programming tools, which includes a user-friendly graphic user interface for controller configuration increases flexibility and decreases bill-of-materials while shortening time-to-market.

The XDPL8219 comes in a DSO-8 package with a built-in 600 V HV start-up cell and a proprietary start-up sequence. This ensures a fast output voltage rise with minimal overshoot.


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