Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dual MOSFETs That Deliver Class-Leading Low ON Resistance

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The MOSFET series comes with high withstand voltage and is ideal for driving motors in industrial applications such as factory automation

In recent years, MOSFETs have increasingly ensured sufficient margin against voltage fluctuations by providing 40V and 60V withstand voltages that support 24V input for motors in industrial equipment and base stations. Furthermore, MOSFETs are expected to deliver higher-speed switching together with lower ON resistance to further improve the efficiency and miniaturisation of motors.

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In response, ROHM has developed the QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series, a 6th generation dual-MOSFET product (Nch+Pch) featuring ±40V/±60V withstand voltages. This combination enables the ability to withstand the voltage required for 24V input. The devices are ideal for driving motors in base stations (cooling fans) and industrial applications such as factory automation equipment requiring 24V input.

The QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series utilises original latest processes to achieve class-leading lower ON resistance, 61% lower than the Pch MOSFETs in dual MOSFETs products in the ±40V class. This contributes to significantly lower power consumption in a variety of applications. Furthermore, the integration of two devices into a single package helps in the miniaturisation of applications by reducing mounting area and decreasing the workload required for component selection (combining Nch and Pch).

Key Features

1. Achieves class-leading low ON resistance

The latest processes allow the development of best-in-class dual MOSFETs that reduce ON resistance by up to 61% and 39% in the Pch and Nch MOSFETs, respectively, compared with competitor ±40V products. This contributes to significantly lower power consumption in a variety of applications.

2. Dual-product configuration contributes to greater miniaturisation while reducing design load

Integrating two MOSFETs in a single package reduces application size along with the design load required for device selection. Replacing existing dual Nch+Pch SOP8 products with these new TSMT8 models decreases the mounting area by up to 75%, enhancing miniaturisation.

Combining these new products with ROHM’s pre-driver ICs for single-/three-phase brushless motors helps in realising even smaller motors with lower consumption and quieter drives. Now in mass production, the QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series are now available from ROHM Semiconductor.



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