Wednesday, May 29, 2024

EDA Tool Featuring Dark Mode and 3D Collision Detection of Designs

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Pulsonix has recently announced the release of a new version of their Electronics Design Automation (EDA) software. The Pulsonix version12.0 adds around 100 new features, which include a Dark mode, 3D collision detection for both multi-board designs and board folding, and significant speed improvements over previous versions. The new version also has a simpler interface which reduces complexity for a new user.

The 3D capabilities in Version 12.0 include 3D collision detection and automated clash detection. The 3D collision detection is available for both multi-board designs and board folding. The feature is extremely useful to verify component placement and check if all the components fit together with intended gaps. The automation clash detection flags space violations and the software also has a feature to allows the user to ignore clashes that are due to the connection

Pulsonix 3D capabilities now include 3D collision detection for both multi-board designs and board folding. This allows designers to visualize boards in a stacked or folded configuration and to verify boards and components fit together in the intended space. Automated clash detection will flag any space violations, and there is a new capability that allows designers to ignore clashes that are intended for known connection points like plugs and sockets.

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“Version 12.0 offers a significant step up for our users in the areas of the PCB design process that they say would benefit them the most, ” said Bob Williams, marketing director for Pulsonix. “The new 3D design features along with 64-bit processing and multi-core support allow our designers to quickly visualize design changes in 3D even with large designs and stacked boards.”

According to the company, Pulsonix 1.2 employs a new 64-bit address space and multi-threading for library access, which makes it significantly faster than the previous versions. The EDA tool also utilizes multi-threading for 3D rendering which further enhances speed, therefore, completing some tasks in less than half the time required by the previous version. The interface This simplifies the interface and enables new functionality while minimizing complexity. The software also features a dark mode which reduces power consumption along with the strain on the eyes.

“Another common request is Dark Mode for the user interface,” added Williams. “Not only does the new Dark Mode option change to a dark background scheme, but we also swap out all toolbar icons to a set that is more compatible with Dark Mode. Whether it’s for less eye strain, lower power consumption, or just aesthetics, I’m sure Dark Mode will be a popular feature.”


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