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Fast And High Temperature Compatible EEPROMs Extend Service Life

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Reduces data writing time by 30 per cent and offers high reliability for industrial automation systems to store data

In harsh environmental conditions of the automotive and industrial equipment sector, safety and traceability requirements make it necessary to store the operating history in non-volatile memory in the system. Among these, EEPROMs are typically adopted over other types of non-volatile memory such as flash memory in applications that require high reliability, including onboard cameras, airbags, industrial automation systems and servers, due to their ability to reliably write and store data under harsh conditions.

The BR24H-5AC series of 125 degrees Celsius operation compatible I2C bus EEPROMs fulfil these needs by meeting the requirements with a writing time of 3.5ms through the implementation of original data writing and reading circuit technology, reducing writing time by 30 per cent compared to the 5ms of conventional products.

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Additionally, in contrast to standard products capable of just 1 million rewrites, the BR24H-5AC series guarantees up to four million writing cycles by data endurance, which not only extends application service life but is ideal for data loggings requiring frequent data rewrites.

The BR24H-5AC series provides the following four features by leveraging original data read/write circuit technologies that suppress manufacturing variations in memory cell characteristics to maximise memory performance, contributing to more efficient development of systems.

For instance, in the case of writing 256Kbit of initial data to 100,000 units in the manufacturing process, almost a full day of factory time can be saved compared to existing products (5ms × 100,000 units × 512 times = 71h vs 3.5ms × 100,000 units × 512 times = 50h).

Additional features

1. Low 1.7V operation ideal for battery-driven applications

Support for low voltage operation makes it possible to be adopted by not only general 3V and 5V types, but 1.8V battery applications as well, such as keyless entry. 

2. Meets international high-reliability requirements

In addition to qualification under the AEC-Q100 worldwide automotive reliability standard, the BR24H-5AC series supports high temperatures up to 125°C and integrates ECC (Error Check and Correction) functionality to protect important data from accidental memory failures. At the same time, a broad lineup is offered in a variety of common surface-mount packages and capacities utilising a standard EEPROM pin layout that makes it easy to replace existing products.

Application Examples

  • Storing factory settings (e.g. onboard cameras) for ADAS
  • Ignition ON/OFF history
  • Cluster mileage display
  • Operating history (e.g. airbags), emergency data logging
  • Retaining settings for car navigation/audio
  • Data logging for industrial automation systems

…and other systems requiring high-reliability data retention over a long period of time.

The series is in mass production and available from ROHM Semiconductor.


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