Tuesday, May 28, 2024

FDA-Authorised At-Home Test For COVID-19 Powered By Converter Chip

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The all-in-one self-test kit delivers accurate results within 30 minutes, thereby saving precious time to help combat the pandemic


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In the fight against COVID-19, testing is a key weapon. As of now, billions of tests have been conducted over the globe to contain the disease’s spread. While the labs and hospitals involved in the testing process help generate accurate test results, they normally take up to about seven days to do so, which is quite time-consuming, given that the virus needs to be stopped immediately from further growing. 

Therefore, Renesas Electronics Corporation in collaboration with Lucira Health, Inc. a medical technology company, has released a user-friendly COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit that can produce a positive or negative result at home within 30 minutes. Besides being fast and accurate, the test kit is differentiated by its simple ‘swab, stir and detect’ design. Lucira’s device contains Renesas’ synchronous boost converter solution to make everything possible. 

“We’re particularly pleased to contribute to Lucira’s important COVID-19 self-testing kit,” said Kris Rausch, Vice President of Americas Sales for the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “As part of our corporate-wide efforts, Renesas has prioritised customers and solutions that help society battle this global pandemic.”

“Delivering the first single-use, at-home, molecular test kit for COVID-19 was a tremendous achievement of which we are extremely proud,” said Erik T. Engelson, President & CEO. “It’s a testament to our technology, as well as the dedication and speed of our team. We required the same exceptional technology and speed from our suppliers, and Renesas quickly ramped up to deliver exactly what we needed.”

Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use, the testing device is anticipated to meet high-testing demands. Renesas is committed to providing key solutions that are essential in helping society deal with the current pandemic.


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